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"In our search for power, we have noted that a good dyno tuning session can yield more power than any single mod you can buy, short of a turbo, supercharger or NOS install" - Sport Compact Car Magazine


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Dyno Tuning Highlights!



+55WTQ +43WHP +3MPG

Same day gains over stock from just dyno tuning!

Also addressed all the stock shifting issues, removed 4cyl mode, speed limiter, increased safety plus much more, that all transformed it into a completely different truck. Customer was absolutely thrilled with the results.
This marks my 204th GM truck tune to date

We are also a experienced HP Tuners dyno tuning facility!

  • HP tuners is hands down the fastest moving OBD2 port flash based hardware and software package that exist and supports the majority of popular platforms that many work with today.

DODGE Tuning

-Stock and Aftermarket Dodge ECU Dyno Tuning Is Available! Same Day! No Hardware needed for stock ECU setups!

-Or Contact Us directly if you would like any additional info or would like to schedule a dyno tune session



Newer Model DODGE Tuning Info!

  • For years; We've been beta testing top of the line new hardware and software to support the abundance of new dodge cars, trucks, and suv's and we are proud to say we can offer same day 2WD or AWD dyno tuning services for the newer Dodge platforms!
  • This really is HUGE for a the dodge customers as previously they were very limited on tuning options and it required the customer to purchase expensive handheld device hardware that was far less than par to say the least.


Dodge SRT8 AWD Dyno Graph





FORD Tuning

We support pretty much all the stock Ford ECUs!

< 2003 using Moates hardware

> 2004 using HP Tuners hardware

-We also support Haltech and Megasquirt aftermarket standalone ECU packages for both year ranges


Click here for eCtune info

We are the only authorized eCtune Tuning Facility in KY

We also support every popular Honda EMS like Hondata, Neptune, etc.


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Lots of great pictures and info of customer cars and shop projects.